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Viewing the beautiful jewelry in each and every one of Tal Azulays collections, one cannot remain indifferent to some of the most intricate creations.

At Tal azulays atelier, perfection does not remain as lip-service. Perfection is none the less the ateliers great mission, accuracy being one of its core components.

That of course cannot be achieved without the strict quality control as well as allowing every resource available to fulfill the mission of accurate perfection.

Only the best materials are in use, hand-picking some of the world’s most flawless emstones.

A magical combination appears when using age-old hand craftsmanship techniques with state of the art facilities with some of today most innovative equipment available.

Since the creations are custom-made to the clients' wishes, great effort is taking place to Accurately manufacture the creations ordered. Detailed sketches incorporating raw materials are explored in the design studio, as Creative process gets its full attention.

With Tal Azulays atelier, one may rest assure that Accuracy in not only a basic standard, it is a foundation stone for top-quality luxurious and exquisite jewelry creations.