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About Tal Azulay

Conseptualizing Rarity

"I believe a piece of jewellery is a natural extension of the wearer´s soul" says Tal Azulay. "It´s our ribbons & bows it's what we choose to accentuate & present ourselves to the world with. We are all diamonds in the rough, continuously striving to define our individuality & hidden inner beauty".

This belief is what inspires his intricate designs, enabling each and every one of his creations to come to life. From his exclusive & non-compromist design manner, he is able to effortlessly envelope the wearer with his manipulated precious metals fused with gemstones.

Tal Azulay prides himself always being at the forefront of design development by exploring fresh, unusual ideas, which at their conception are often regarded as ´avant-garde´ by those in the tight knit inner circle of the refined jewellery design world.

Driven by his fearless creative comfort level, he has over the years learnt to trust his instincts and continues to passionately create bespoke, one of kind creations.