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One of the definitions of the concept of creativity refers to that as "nothing more than going beyond the current boundaries".

Leading the atelier, Tal Azulay ensures the facilitating of the creative processes that will in turn foster the exclusive & non-compromist design manner.

Not allowing any cold business considerations distract no one from the core purpose of the Jewlery design mission, Crative freedom is given while exploring fresh, unusual ideas.

The creativity is tangled with desire to constantly innovate with the jewlery design and crafting.  After all, there is no innovation without creativity.

And so, another aspect which highlights thestrive for a continuous flow of innovation is the use of the most advanced technology available. That, combined with traditional handcrafting, brings to life the magical combination truly allows the crossing of boundaries.

All the best resources and top of the facilities foster that unique creativity for creation of exciting, beautiful, ingenious and delicate pieces of Tal Azulays jewelry.