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jewelry manufacturing


Tal Azulays jewelry top mission is creating the perfect jewels. Within the jewelry industry, the meaning of that is flawless craftsmanship realized in accuracy; precision and the perfect implementation.

The mission of perfection is inseparable from the ateliers DNA, as it runs through all organizational processes. It doesn't just happen. It is well thought of and realized reality thanks to the complete dedication of the crafting and design stuff at Tal Azulays atelier. The stuffs devotion is creating some of the most exquisite jewelry creations.

The unique method at Tal Azulays atelier is the use of age old techniques which are combined with innovative technology, using only state of the art facilities, the fines materials,  and hand-picked some of the world’s most flawless gemstones.

These combinations of devotion, perfection, traditional jewelry design and crafting using state of the art facilities, all contribute to flawless craftsmanship, which produces the extraordinary ingenious and delicate piece of Tal Azulays jewelry.