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The concept of quality is not only a measurable objective standard concerns fit, precision, accuracy, utility, credibility and esthetic features, but non the less the top mission for Tal Azulay jewelry, a mission which is inseparable from the ateliers DNA.

Fulfilling the mission to design and create highly personal, bespoke luxurious jewelry, the clients are to be satisfied according to any special design and manufacturing needs. Those who seek the perfect jewels, will meet the finest materials, state of the art facilities, the best service, and fulfill any unique requirements.

Tal Azulay is fostering and facilitating the creative processes. To maintain a high range of design and manufacturing options, technological innovations and traditional trends are in use, as well as fashion and seasonal trends, to ensure the widest top quality variety of ideas, designs and final products.

Quality performance of design, molding and casting of Tal Azulay jewelry, achieve the desirable perfection to the art of jewelry design. This dedication brings to life the most exquisite pieces that define Tal Azulay Jewelry.