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The most exquisite pieces that define Tal Azulay Jewelry, are created due to the unique combination which brings to life the customers inspired visions. Doing so is only possible due to Tal Azulay and his team dedicated relationship with their clients.

Tal Azulays clients are private individuals as well as wholesalers & retailers. For each and every one of them the best service is guaranteed to meet any special design and manufacturing needs and fulfill any unique requirements. For that, No requirement is too small or unattainable.

Tal Azulay's beautiful exclusive collection is made out of designs which are fully customizable due to complete personalization. Only a close, warm, pleasant connection to the clients may allow placing the clients wishes in the center of the creative process. That can only be done with the promise of the best service possible; giving the client an unforgettable experience striving together to create the perfect piece of jewelry.