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State of the art facilities

The technological revolution did not skip over the jewelry industry, as top-notch innovations dramatically transformed the art of jewelry design.

A variety of possibilities have come to life due to constant innovations in this field. Most delicate machines as well as advanced software allow more detailed and better quality performance of design, molding and casting.

Striving to fulfill his mission to design and create highly personal, bespoke luxurious jewellery, Tal Azulay makes sure to keep up with the most modern technological advances available and embraces some of the top-of-the-art facilities in the jewelry industry.

Leading the atelier, Tal Azulay is aware that to ensure the highest level of quality he must have the best resources available. This belief reflects on his big-picture perception of his work as he aims to give the best service for the clients who seek the perfect jewels.

Again, Tal Azulay makes certain to not only use the best quality resources but also to keep up to date with technological advances in the field. The jeweler's design is visualized in a highly accurate 3D image which is then "printed out" in very fine layers of wax that eventually produce a 3D mold, ready to be casted, and then refined by hand.

In combining these modern techniques with the traditional methods of jewelry crafting, as well as using top-quality resources, Tal Azulay succeeds in creating those most exquisite pieces that define Tal Azulay Jewelry.