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The Atelier

somewhere special in today's impersonal world

The Tal Azulay Atelier is renowned foremost for its ability to design & create highly personal, bespoke jewellery for luxury retailers as well as private clients.

Tal Azulay himself, with his innate sense of what a luxurious piece of jewellery should evoke to the wearer, knows the importance of creative freedom. As a result, he allows his close knit team of goldsmiths and stone setters to take the time they need to explore their natural instincts.  
The dedicated team decides how to best create Tal’s designs to their fullest, without the interference of  the usual business related constraints so commonly found in many of today’s design & manufacturing houses.

The Tal Azulay Atelier successfully combines age old hand casting, carving and forging techniques with some of today’s most modern technological advances available to the jewellery industry. It is this magical combination that makes the Tal Azulay Atelier such a rare and precious to find.

“Should you have any special requests, our in-house designers will guide you through our personal design services in order to ensure that your requirements are met & exquisitely brought to life by our master goldsmiths.
Aside from our predominant design and manufacturing capabilities, we are pleased to be able to provide engraving & polishing services - nothing is too small or insignificant for us to handle.”