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TAL AZULAY designs & manufactures jewelry for some of the world’s most luxurious, contemporary, international jewelry retailers, for over 20 years. Despite his long career and his excellent reputation in the field, his factory & design studio remains an intimate affair, humbly tucked away in a serene corner of the bustling Tel Aviv city center, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

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Design & Manufacturing

End to end solution, from concept to design, to manufacturing, to full collection in stores. It all happens here.

Collection Development

You give us the directions and preferences, we will take it from there, all the way to a full collection & complete satisfaction.

Materials & Craftsmanship

We use the best Gold, Diamonds & Precious Stones and employ top professionals, so your collection is ahead of the rest.

Value for Money

20 Years of experience and know-how, quality suppliers, a team of factory professionals. That means a lot of money saved, for you.

Experience. Reliability. Discretion

We produce your collection with full discretion and deliver everything to your full satisfaction, so you can retail with peace & confidence.

All In-house

Everything is made in one place, so you have one address for all your wishes & concerns. That's a priceless ticket for peace of mind.

In the process

Hand Made Jewelry

Fresh Content

Golden Inspiration

The softest of all the precious metals & originally coveted for its shiny, golden color has paradoxically, throughout its rich history had the strongest hold on the human imagination

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The History of Diamonds

The earliest references to diamonds as gemstones stem from India, dating as far back as the 4th century BC. Buddhist works can be found describing diamonds as well-known precious stones

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Diamond Grading

Essentially, diamonds are graded according to the four Cs: carat, clarity, color and cut. Other characteristics are also considered, including shape and light performance.

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